The Problems Encountered

Organic India, a prominent seller on Amazon had been facing a series of challenges that hindered their sales performance.

1 Inefficient Ad Spend

They were concentrating their ad spend on keywords that did not align with their listing content, resulting in subpar click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CVR) compared to other players in their

2 Low Conversion and CTR

Their sales copyright had no direction on what search terms would drive the most relevant traffic that would lead to better CTR and CVR

3 Low Customer Lifetime Value

They had low Customer Lifetime Value and repeat purchases mostly due to their brand image on Amazon

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The Solutions We Provided

  • The 4 sections of our marketing teams worked together to create new content that aligned throughout the customer journey
  • We used our proprietary dashboard and added over 1,000 highly relevant search terms and competitor products in our ad campaigns.
  • We restructured their titles, bullet points, brand story, image callouts, and A+ content to align with our ads.
  • A new merchandising plan was implemented to prompt cross-selling and higher average order values.
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Luminize Results

66 %

Increase in Conversion Rates

35 %

Increase in Click Through Rates

34 %

Customer lifetime value increased

300 %

Overall Revenue increase YoY

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