The Problems Encountered

Vitamin Bounty came to us with a number of difficulties.

1 Overspending on poorly converting terms

Overinvesting in low-converting keywords depletes resources without proportional returns, hindering cost-efficiency and impacting overall advertising effectiveness.

2 Not targeting top search volume terms

Neglecting high-search-volume terms limits visibility, missing out on potential customer reach and jeopardizing the opportunity for robust advertising impact and conversion.

3 Too much focus on hero product

Excessive reliance on a single hero product narrows the advertising scope, risking missed opportunities to showcase a diverse product range and connect with a broader audience for sustained success.

Copy of GROWTH (2)

The Solutions We Provided

  • Optimized Bidding System: Leveraged proprietary data to pinpoint overbidding on low-converting terms, ensuring cost-effective ad expenditure for improved ROI.
  • Strategic Keyword Identification: Identified 300 opportunity keywords with higher conversion rates and lower costs per click, enhancing campaign efficiency while maintaining or increasing impressions.
  • Hero SKU Reallocation: Recognized diminishing returns on the hero product, which accounted for 34% of sales. Reallocated ad spend to other products with higher profit margins, optimizing overall revenue generation.
  • Profit-Focused Ad Spend: Shifted investment away from incremental ad spend on the hero SKU, redirecting resources to products with higher potential profit margins for a more strategic and profitable advertising approach.

Luminize Results

5 %

Increase in Monthly Sales

15 %

Of the Sales of the Catalog for Number 3 Sku


No Net Increase in Ad Spend

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