The Problems Encountered

drTung’s came to us with a number of difficulties.

1 Images not Engaging

Their Product images, A+ Content, and videos were not engaging and their content did not tell a brand story that made an emotional connection with the customers.

2 Unattractive Brand Store

A Brand Store can be used as somewhat of a landing page, and if your brand store is poorly designed and isn’t engaging, it fails to showcase your products and give your customers more options to choose from.

3 Low Click Through and Conversion Rate

Poor imagery harms conversion rates by failing to captivate and convey trust. When visuals lack appeal and fail to represent product features effectively, uncertainty creeps in, eroding confidence. Negative user experiences and diminished desire to purchase arise.

Copy of GROWTH (3)

The Solutions We Provided

  • Collaborative Content Enhancement: Our marketing and content teams collaborated to revamp A+ content, Brand Story, and storefront, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand presentation.
  • Engaging and Emotional Content: The created content is designed to captivate and forge an emotional connection with consumers, fostering a deeper relationship between drTung’s and its audience.
  • Key Benefit Highlight: The revamped content strategically highlights unique benefits, ensuring that customers quickly grasp the value proposition, making it more likely for them to convert.
  • Customer Engagement via Posts: Leveraging Amazon’s Posts feature, we actively engaged with customers who purchased or followed drTung’s. This platform facilitated the sharing of visually appealing content, contributing to enhanced brand visibility and interaction.

Luminize Results

33 %

Increase in Average Order Value

29 %

Increase Return on Ad Spend

26 %

Increase in Click Through Rate

46 %

Increase in Conversion Rate

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