The Problems Encountered

Earthbath came to us with a number of difficulties.

1 No Branding to build customer trust

No branding may lead to confusion, diminishing the perceived credibility and accountability of a business, ultimately impacting trust and customer loyalty.

2 Long 190 day purchase rate

A 190-day repurchase rate is detrimental for business, leading to inconsistent revenue, reduced customer value, higher marketing costs, and a competitive disadvantage.

3 No Subscribe and Save

The absence of Subscribe & Save on Amazon hampers customer convenience, cost savings, and loyalty. Sellers miss out on predictable revenue streams, competitive advantages, and the visibility that comes with automatic subscriptions.

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The Solutions We Provided

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: Revamped content with updated lifestyle images and strategic call-outs to engage customers visually and convey the brand’s story effectively.
  • Emotional Branding: Established emotional connections with consumers by crafting a compelling brand story, fostering customer expectations, and building trust in the brand.
  • Strategic Pricing Restructure: Introduced a new pricing structure featuring bundles, bundle pricing, and optimized price points, attracting new customers and increasing purchase frequency for improved retention.
  • Targeted Marketing Approach: Boosted consumer awareness through strategic branding and advertising efforts, targeting relevant search terms with high relevance and velocity. Additionally, pursued competitor listings to expand market reach and visibility.

Luminize Results

260 %

Increase in New to Brand Customers

315 %

Sales Increase

100 %

Increase in 30 Day Retention Rate

79 %

Increase in 60 Day Retention Rate

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