The Problems Encountered

SACHEU came to us with a number of difficulties.

1 30% Increase in Ad Spend

Sacheu came to Luminize having increased advertising spend by 30% but had difficulties increasing sales on Amazon.

2 Low purchase frequency

The Customer Lifetime Value was low due to the nature of the product – the customer only needed to buy the beauty tool once and it would last for a while.

3 Difficulties increasing sales

Challenges in increasing Amazon sales include intense competition, poor listings, inadequate marketing, pricing issues, logistical problems, ignored feedback, weak branding, ineffective SEO. Overcoming these requires adaptability, optimized strategies, and customer-centric approaches.

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The Solutions We Provided

  • Cost-Effective Keyword Focus: Leveraged proprietary data to emphasize low-cost, highly relevant search terms, optimizing ad spend for improved visibility and ROI.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Identified high-converting search terms and recommended increased spending, maximizing returns on effective keywords.
  • Efficient Spend Elimination: Utilized data insights to identify low-converting keywords and products, strategically eliminating ad spend to improve overall advertising efficiency.
  • Strategic Bundle and Cross-Promotion: Employed market basket analysis to uncover bundling opportunities, cross-promoting products like facial oil and serums to enhance new-to-brand customer acquisition and maximize sales potential.

Luminize Results

170 %

Sales Increase

165 %

Increase in Unique Customers

20 %

Increase in Average Order Value

10 %

Increase in customer Lifetime Value

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