The Problems Encountered

Duradry came to us with a number of difficulties.

1 3-Product bundle limiting sales

They had been focusing their efforts on a pack of three products – the problem was that the customer couldn’t reorder the pack until they needed all three items again.

2 sales plateau at $2m

Their sales copyright had no direction on what search terms would drive the most relevant traffic that would lead to better CTR and CVR

3 Failure to create long-term customers

They had low Customer Lifetime Value and repeat purchases mostly due to their brand image on Amazon

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The Solutions We Provided

To help Duradry, we:

  • Focused on using organic search rankings, and expanded on high volume keywords
  • Shifted focus to a product with a more repetitive purchase pattern
  • Enabled subscribe and save
  • Created long-term customers by retargeting past customers who purchased the variety pack within the first 90 days of their purchase

Luminize Results

55 %

Increase in total YoY sales

67 %

New to Brand Customers

7 %

Decrease in Total Advertising Cost of Sales

43 %

Reduction in Time Between Orders

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