The Luminize Team

Meet the Team of Amazon Experts Driving Luminize’s Success.

  • Sid Mikhail

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Zack Anderson

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Bennett Comendul

    Chief Analytics Officer
  • Tony Morales

    VP of Brand Growth
  • Michelle Zimmerman

    Director of Client Services
  • Monica Shammam

    Strategic Growth & Partnerships
  • Hugo Polanco

    Brand Equity & eCommerce Attorney
  • Dallin Cutler

    VP of Business Development
  • Kyle Ormond

    VP of Business Development
  • Lauren Sandwith

    Brand Manager
  • Morgan Marince

    eCommerce Content Lead
  • Ashley Feransou

    Human Resources Operations Manager
  • Leah Matteo

    Sr. Business Development & Partnership
  • Stacey Silva

    Brand Manager
  • Brandon Born

    Data Analyst
  • Marintia Cuevas

    Executive Assistant to the CEO
  • Brian Murphy

    Software Developer
  • Eddie Muraira

    Data Analyst
  • Micky Steinberg

    Senior Data Analyst
  • Eric Vjaters

    Content Specialist
  • Garrett Plocky

    Advertising Strategist
  • Tim Lasky

    Data Analyst
  • Renee Silva

    Warehouse Supervisor
  • Daniel Garcia

    Inventory Manager
  • Christine Mendez

    Warehouse Manager
  • Rodrigo Abitia

    SEO Content Strategist
  • Gabriel Maher

    Case Manager
  • Benson Trenh

    Brand Manager
  • Patrick Ebersole

    Talent Lead
  • Rebecca Bartley

    Advertising Strategist
  • Brandon Kaleta

    Advertising Strategist
  • Jonathan Dang

    SEO Content Strategist
  • Adan Casillas

    Brand Manager
  • Nick Martinez-Prokop

    Advertising Strategist
  • Jake Schultz

    Compliance Specialist
  • Alex Del Razo

    Executive Assistant to the CMO