Monitor Marketplaces

Monitor and Investigate Ecommerce Marketplaces

Trust our compliance experts to safeguard your brand online. We actively monitor e-commerce marketplaces and investigate resellers who hide behind “DBA”s to uncover diverters and unauthorized resellers.


Protect Your Brand

Protect your brand’s revenue and equity from counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers who don’t care about your brand’s reputation or customer safety.

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Amazon Compliance

We help you comply with Amazon policies to ensure your listings stay active and prevent lost sales from suppression.

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Get access to an e-commerce attorney who can help you with the following:

  • Actively monitor your account health
  • Address compliance violations by drafting and submitting successful appeals
  • Review product and content labels for compliance alignment


See how we are driving Amazon success for our clients.

Grow Your Brand on Amazon

What we do

We propel your brand to new heights.

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Develop a campaign that helps your brand get better returns on investment.

Inventory Management

Avoid shortages and stocking fees by maintaining proper inventory levels.

Market Insights

Assess market trends and measure your performance relative to your competitors.


Maximize your product’s visibility, attract new customers and drive conversions.