Human Intelligence

We leverage modern day technology to enhance our decision making processes, not automate it.

Maximizing results requires human-led strategic vision, insights, and data-driven reporting.

Our analysts and Brand Strategists are equipped with the best tools in the business–but our big decisions end up being made by human insights.

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Actionable Metrics at your fingertips

  • Double-down on the levers that lead to the most growth in your business.
  • Explore new business insights and opportunities.
  • Assess market trends and measure your company’s performance against your competitors.
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Custom Reporting & Analytics

Our Brand Strategists become experts in your brand performance and your market data.
  • We break your metrics down to ensure that you get all the answers you need in order to make impactful decisions.
  • We’ll design custom reporting, forecasts and dashboards to suit your individual business needs.

Grow Your Brand on Amazon

What We Do

How we propel your brand to new heights
Creative (4)
Advertising (2)
Brand-Protection (1)


Maximize your product’s visibility, attract new customers and drive conversions


Develop a campaign that helps your brand get better returns on investment

Brand Protection

Protect the brand you’ve worked hard to build by controlling unwanted sellers

Inventory Management

Avoid shortages and stocking fees by maintaining proper inventory levels